Orbit’s getting ready to esports and chew gum.

The chewing gum brand has announced that it will partner three Polish esports teams for its first venture into the world of esports and the three franchises are devils.one, AGO Esports, and Illuminar Gaming, reported Esports Insider.

With these partnerships, the three franchises will heavily promote the Orbit brand through their social media and through their players, informing fans about the health benefits of Orbit’s sugar-free gum.

Devils.one currently competes in League of Legends, and Fortnite, while AGO Esports mainly competes in Fortnite and Starcraft II. Along with Puma and Orbit, AGO Esports also has partnerships with electronics company LG and Polish beer brand Łomża.

As for Illuminar Gaming, the team mainly competes in LoL and Hearthstone, and is the least popular team with only 3,400 followers on Twitter. Other than Orbit, the team is currently partnering fast-food sandwich brand Subway.