Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating adventure in a captivating world filled with action, whimsical characters, and diverse gameplay modes?

Smilegate’s latest release, Wonderers Eternal World, is an exhilarating action-adventure game carefully designed to take players on numerous exciting journeys.

From engaging in 4v4 real-time action PvP battles to exploring roguelike dungeons and partaking in delightful mini-games, Wonderers Eternal World is a concoction of varied gameplay that caters to different gaming preferences.

What is Wonderers Eternal World?

Wonderers Eternal World key image from the game's official X (Twitter)
Credit: Smilegate, NGELGAMES

Wonderers Eternal World is a casual action battle game developed by NGELGAMES, the creative minds behind popular titles like Hero Cantare and Tower of God: Great Journey.

The game transports players to a fantastical world with diverse content and engaging gameplay. In this realm, fairytale characters, often forgotten, have united, creating an enchanting virtual universe where players can rediscover and redefine their adventure.

What is Wonderers Eternal World’s gameplay?

Wonderers Eternal World key image from the game's official X (Twitter)
Credit: Smilegate, NGELGAMES

At the heart of Wonderers is a wide range of game modes designed to cater to various gaming preferences:

World mode

Immerse yourself in a brand-new world filled with exciting genres and content. Collaborate and interact with fellow players in this fairytale-inspired universe, creating unforgettable memories.

4v4 Realtime Arena mode (Gold Clash)

Engage in strategic 4v4 battles where teams compete to collect the most Gold. The tactical dilemma of collecting Gold versus using it to strengthen your squad adds an exciting dynamic to the gameplay.

Roguelike mode (Glitch Dungeon)

Embark on an adventure shaped by your choices in this PvE game mode. The elements of randomness and your decisions will significantly influence your gaming experience.

Exciting mini-games

Lose yourself in an array of enjoyable mini-games, including Woodcutting, Racing, Dice Battle, True or False?, and Fishing. These diversions are sure to keep you entertained and engaged.

Wonderers characters and customization

Explore fairytale characters reimagined and breathe life into them with a range of costumes and accessories, from fairytale-themed to modern chic. Personalize your character to suit your unique style and preferences.

How to pre-register for Wonderers Eternal World

How to pre-register Wonderers Eternal World
Credit: Smilegate, NGELGAMES

Players can pre-register for Wonderers Eternal World on the game’s official website, Google Play, and the Apple App Store to get a head start on this thrilling adventure.

Not only does pre-registration guarantee early access, but it also comes with exciting perks, offering up to US$30 worth of freebies, including Costumes, Dyes, Crystals, and more.

Wonderers supports mobile and PC platforms, and it has a crossplay feature.

You can go to Wonderers Eternal World’s website and official social media for more information.

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