It’s now June and the Summer Game Fest is already in full-swing with most of the highly anticipated online showcases being streamed on Twitch, via its Twitch Gaming channel.

Just last week, Twitch already aired the Valorant Launch tournament and originally scheduled the postponed Sony PlayStation 5 next-gen games reveal. Up next are some other big title events that Geoff Keighley is planning with his team.

Credit: Summer Game Fest_Twitch

Being one of the primary streaming partners for Summer Game Fest, Twitch will be showcasing a multitude of video games industry content in the coming weeks and months. On June 26 to 28, 2020, there is the Twitch-exclusive e-Jam developer contest where students can pair up with indie studios and developers to create all-new games in 48-hours. The grand finale for this event will livestreamed on Twitch.

Another indie related event that Twitch will also be co-hosting is the IGDA Indie Showcase. Included is a deep-dive “Asked Me Anything” session with various indie studios. The dates for this stream have yet to be confirmed.

One other major event that Twitch also confirmed on its calendar is the Twitch Summer Game Fest Awards. A community-driven award show, it will recap all the best content shown and recognise them with awards that are voted by the community.

More details can be found on the Summer Game Fest website.

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