After putting into place new features that improve its user experience delivery, Twitch is now introducing a total brand refresh for its entire platform.

The streaming service revealed in a recent blog post how the goal of the brand re-design focused on matching the vibrant energy of its content creators and the innovations these communities are famous for. As for the approach, Twitch updated its current features with a new look and feel for its branding.

Credit: Twitch

In terms of design, Twitch reworked its main logo, icon, and purple hue. The first two are given bolder blocky looks, while the primary shade that Twitch is forever associated with has become more vibrant.

Credit: Twitch

Credit: Twitch

The enriched hue now has two companion pallets to work with too — Muted and Accent shades. Content producers can access these new colors via the newly included tool, Creator Color, and add in personalization to their planned content.

Other visual improvements include:

  • Using a new font-type — Roobert — to create a sleek, modern look that truly reflects Twitch as a quirky brand
  • More opportunities to use emotes in and around Twitch content

As for the user experience, Twitch continues its pursuit to delivery the best user experience to ensure its users can seamlessly broadcast their content at its highest quality.

The same blog post also confirmed that there are more updates rolling out now or coming online soon. Some of these improvements will be revealed first on the Twitch blog.

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