While most companies are using Zoom or Google Hangouts to conduct work from home meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic, one Japanese company has taken the novel approach of holding its business meetings inside the video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The first three-man virtual meeting took place near the island’s town hall, utilizing the text chat feature to communicate each employee’s thoughts.

Credit: Livedoor

Somewhere in the middle, all the players took a short break for some relaxing fishing. Sea bass for lunch?

Credit: Livedoor

The meeting ended with each employee returning to their respective islands, bidding a formal goodbye to each other. All that’s missing was the polite Japanese bow, and this scenario would have been perfect.

Credit: Livedoor

Unfortunately, there may not be future Animal Crossing work meetings for the company.

One of the employees made a list of the game’s benefits and drawbacks as a telecommuting app, as reported in Japanese publication Livedoor.


  • Fun to use


  • Can’t send files/images.
  • Can’t chat privately.
  • Usernames are hard to remember.
  • Can’t get any work done because the game is too distracting.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is Nintendo‘s best-selling social simulation game. New Horizons has sold millions of physical and digital copies worldwide despite launching in the middle of the coronavirus crisis.

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