Nintendo and Tencent’s upcoming mobile MOBA Pokémon Unite is reportedly launching early next year.

The 5v5 strategic online battle arena will be completely playable by Spring 2021 according to ResetEra forum member Nihilego_Khu. If this is true, we might already see Pokémon Unite enter testing come September this year.

The same user also revealed new screenshots of the game from an unreleased video.

One of the images showed a small icon of the Water-Rock type Pokémon Drednaw from Sword and Shield. The user claims that Generation VII pocket monsters will be included in the game, in addition to the first ten confirmed playable Pokemon from different generations.

The screenshots also presented character customization, a feature that has been long available in newer Pokémon titles.

Tencent has not announced an official release date for the game yet, but the esports industry seems ready to welcome Pokémon Unite with open arms.

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