This year’s Pokémon World Championships will have something really special.

The World Championships will play host to the first-ever Pokémon GO Invitational, a special competition featuring eight of awesome trainers, including Junichi Masuda, Director, and Shigeki Morimoto, Game Designer of Game Freak.

Out of the eight spots, one will be open to anyone who has a spectator pass for the Pokémon World Championships.

These Pokémon Trainers will compete in a double-elimination tournament with each match being a best-of-five fight. Only a team of six Pokémon can be used in this invitational and none of them can be the same species.

All Trainer battles for the Pokémon GO Invitational will immediately start right after the Pokémon World Championships opening ceremony. Those attending the main event will be able to watch the Pokémon GO battles live. As for the rest of the world, they can tune into this dedicated livestream on Twitch.

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