The Finals has only been out for two weeks, having launched on December 7, but it’s already brought in a ridiculous number of players.

The brand-new IP has accumulated a total player count of over 10 million, according to a thank-you note from the company posted on X (formerly Twitter).

The Finals player count has skyrocketed since its launch

Credit: Embark Studios

As the first major title from the studio, this is an incredibly impressive feat and also showcases just how good the game is at launch.

Getting 10 million players over two weeks means word of mouth is doing a great job for your title and therefore, one can assume it’s positive messaging.

According to, The Finals has been floating between a low of roughly 75,000 concurrent players up to around a 145,000 peak of concurrent players on a nearly day-to-day basis over the last few days. Maintaining high numbers like this even two weeks after a launch can be difficult, and that’s not including what their player numbers are on consoles.

While a strong start is great, there’s still plenty of work to be done. We’ve seen games reach a peak of over 900,000 and crumble to the ground before. Sorry, New World.

With that said Embark Studios most likely knows they need to continue to pump out quality updates, improvements, and content to keep the player base coming back for more and happy to continue to convince their friends to jump in and play with them.

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