Excitement is building for The Finals open beta, as players look forward to entering the arena once more.

Starting on October 26, 2023, players on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and Steam will have the opportunity to participate in the first-ever cross-platform event until November 5.

The Finals is a team-based, free-to-play shooter that pushes the boundaries of environmental dynamism, destruction, and player freedom.

It’s a unique combat entertainment game show where you and your squad will compete for fame, riches, and the favor of generous seasonal sponsors in fully destructible Virtual Arenas inspired by iconic real-world locations.

What to expect in The Finals cross-platform open beta?

The Finals open beta media kit image for the cross platform event
Credit: Embark Studios

As a contestant, fight for fame, fortune, and sponsor approval in hyper-realistic, fully destructible arenas inspired by real-world locations.

Players can also try out the new Skyway Stadium arena, which will be added to the map rotation. The open beta also brings an all-new game mode called Bank-It, where four teams of three battle for coins in a casual-friendly, combat-focused mode.

Players can also take advantage of the free Battle Pass during the open beta, offering 16 exclusive and permanent rewards that can be unlocked and carried over to the full game at launch.

The new cross-play and cross-progression feature allows PC and console users to team up with their friends, regardless of the platform.

The open beta will showcase the improvements they made based on earlier PC testing, and they’re eager to hear player feedback to refine the gaming experience, according to developer Embark Studio’s press release.

The open beta will stress-test the game’s servers and backend infrastructure, ensuring a smooth and stable gaming experience for all participants.

There will be five leagues, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, which offers permanent rewards for each tier and an exclusive Legendary Diamond Weapon Skin reward for contestants who reach the Diamond tier.

There will be 20 Weapons, 26 Gadgets, and 9 abilities for contestants to choose from, along with improvements to performance, movement, team play, and more.

How to join The Finals open beta

The Finals open beta media kit image for the cross platform event
Credit: Embark Studios

Fans can sign up for the initial open beta through the PlayStation Store, Xbox Game Store, or Steam. You can also go to The Finals’ official website for more details.

Watch the trailer below for a preview of the incredible chaos and destruction you’ll experience in The Finals.

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