Following a successful first season of the Farming Simulator Championship in 2018, Giants Software is relaunching its official esports competition as the Farming Simulator League (FSL). 

The first tournament of the 2019-20 FSL season is one of the most anticipated highlights at this year’s FarmCon event. The annual gathering of Farming Simulator players, modders, and developers will take place in Harsewinkel, Germany on July 27 and 28.

Farming Simulator’s enduring popularity since it first launched in 2008 already speaks volumes about how diverse global video game audiences are. Now, with a full-fledged esports league — complete with big name sponsors and a jaw-dropping prize pool — it appears to be changing the way people look at the competitive gaming scene as well.

A whopping €250,000 (~US$280,000) prize pool will be up for grabs throughout the 2019-20 season, with €12,000 (~US$13,500) at stake in each tournament.

The 2019-20 FSL season will feature a total of 10 Main Event tournaments. Throughout the season, teams will vie for a top-16 league ranking based on Circuit Points that are awarded for each win. 

The top 16 teams will compete in the FSL World Championship that will be staged at FarmCon 2020.

The FSL will feature both seeded and wildcard teams. Seeded teams are automatically qualified for the best-of-eight stages of each tournament, while wildcards must win their way through qualifier tournaments, followed by best-of-one matchups against seeded teams.

Each FSL team will have three players, including one captain. Teams can also add a coach and a substitute player on their rosters.

The Farming Simulator League is sponsored by technology and gaming industry giants like Intel and Logitech, as well as leading agricultural equipment manufacturers such as John Deere, Komatsu, and Trelleborg.

FSL matches will be streamed live here.

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