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At 78-years-old, Abbe “DiehardBirdie” Borg, is the world’s oldest esports champion, having won the Seniors CS:GO tournament at DreamHack Summer 2019.

Whistling is one of the simplest ways to make music. It is both an art and a skill. An inexpensive, sweet-sounding, universal language that uplifts a tired soul. Whistling has the power to momentarily transport us to a safe place, free from the noise of our daily lives. 

I am a whistler. I have a talent for mimicking bird sounds. I even created a unique birdcall for my son when he was young which helped us whenever we got separated in public.

As a professional gamer, whistling undoubtedly helped me whenever I played. It became an integral instrument that played a big musical factor in my gaming success.

Whistling discourages overthinking

It is human nature to overthink. As kids, we were carefree but as adults, we deliberately and unintentionally bombard our brains with unnecessary thoughts. Whistling helps me put things into perspective. It distracts me from unwanted worries and helps me focus not only in gaming but in life in general. Whistling prevents mental overload. 

When I whistle while I play, I become more productive. It helps me spin the right ‘mental wheel’ to disarm the enemy. Some may think it’s counterproductive, but not for me. It is a welcomed distraction that puts me in a relaxed state and guides my aim when I look through my sniper rifle scope.

Credit: Abbe Borg

Whistling wards off negative emotions

Do you remember being stuck in a traffic jam and felt hopeless and irritated? Playing a happy tune can easily relieve our frustrations. Whistling clears our mind. It stops us from fixating too much on our problems and directs our attention to our favorite tunes. Whistling reduces anxiety thus lowering our stress level. It is a better alternative to complaining and yelling at the car in front of you. 

Playing online games can unconsciously trigger our emotions. It can be stressful at times but rewarding in the end. Whistling can be a stress reliever at some point. If we listen to the radio to relax, why not whistle to calm our nerves? 

Whistling is free medicine for your heart and lungs

Whistling strengthens our lungs and pumps up our hearts. It can regulate our breathing resulting in more efficient blood flow. Imagine your internal organs getting a massage whenever you whistle a happy tune. Whistling has also been proven to promote a healthy and normal heart rate.

Not only is it good for our heart and lungs but whistling can even delay aging since it exercises our cheek muscles. A free facial to prevent our cheeks from sagging. 

Whistling creates contentment

Whistling can make us believe that we are content, that life is peachy. Yes, it may give us a false sense of satisfaction but it can be a powerful weapon during tough times. I whistle when life is good and whistle harder when life is rough.

Playing CS:GO in my senior years has been therapeutic for me. It became my daily mental exercise as well. Whistling while playing CS:GO increased my level of gratification. How? It gave me a sense of peace. I felt relatively relaxed and safe. My mind is quiet and active at the same time.

Probably one of the reasons why there are a few whistlers nowadays is because of the rise of technology. I am not saying it’s a negative but it could be one of the factors why whistling became practically nonexistent. 

Whistling is a classless musical art. Yes, it’s a learned skill that takes practice. A lifelong habit that breaches the ordinary and offers simple mindfulness and fulfillment.

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