Team Secret has partnered with Esports Mogul to unveil their new Secret Stars tournament series. The partnership will host tournaments for Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six: Siege, and PUBG: Mobile with different prizes up for grabs.

Secret Stars will be a recurring, weekly tournament series for players in Europe and Southeast Asia. Participants will need to sign up for a membership subscription, which includes three tiers: Free to Play, Triple Pass, and All Stars. The higher tier membership subscription a player has, the more tournament options and features will be made available, according to Mogul’s website.

Credit: Team Secret

The Triple Pass subscription costs US$4.50 and will allow users to enter three ticketed tournaments in a 30-day period, the All Star subscription will cost users US$5 which comes with priority access to premium unlimited ticketed tournaments, a dedicated Secret Stars Discord channel, and exclusive raffles.

The site also mentions that Rainbow Six: Siege tournaments will only be available in Europe, while PUBG Mobile tournaments will only be open for players in Southeast Asia.

The prizes for the tournaments have not been disclosed but those who are interested to join may register here.

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