Nintendo is back at it again with the family-friendly content, but this time around, they put the spotlight on some beloved video-game mothers.

The event, “Mum’s the Word!“, will take place from today (May 10) to Sunday (May 12) and will feature “motherly spirits” from various game franchises such as Pokemon’s Kangaskhan, Wrinkly Kong (Donkey Kong) and Hinawa from EarthBound.

All these wonderful mothers will appear on the single-player Spirit Board at set times and with every battle you play and win, you will earn triple the usual Spirit Points and a Health Drain item.

Mother’s Day is usually set on the second Sunday of May, though there may be a few exceptions like the UK, where they celebrate Mother’s Day on the fourth Sunday of Lent, but it looks like Nintendo will be sticking to the more universal date.

With seven motherly figures already shown in the reveal by Nintendo, are there any other mothers that you’d like to see in the “Mum’s the Word!” Spirit Event? Be sure to head over to your Spirit Board this weekend to find out.