CJ eSports is off to a strong start.

The fledgling Japanese esports club, which officially launched on July 7, introduced renowned Super Smash Bros. Melee players, Masaya “aMSa” Chikamoto, Hitoshi “Sanne” Hatama, and “Abu” today as its founding members. Abu will double as a player and team manager for the organization.

The trio joins CJ eSports founder Ryota “CaptainJack” Yoshida, who also made a name for himself playing Melee.

aMSa brings to CJ eSports a sterling reputation as a global top ten ranked player and Japan’s best Melee player. He has earned a top eight spot in three major tournaments just this year alone, including GENESIS 6, Smash’N’Splash 5, and Smash Summit 8.

Sanne is also revered in Japan’s Smash circuit, having won matchups against aMSa, as well as other renowned players like “Shippu” and Nao “Gucci” Iguchi.

CaptainJack rose to the top of the Melee rankings in 2004-2008 and is still competing, having added Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to his repertoire. His initiative to form CJ eSports began in 2018, primarily involving generating prize pools for Japanese Smash tournaments.

CJ eSports intends to support Ultimate players in the future.

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