Nintendo’s addictive Super Mario Maker 2 (SMM2) just got bigger and better with the announcement of the game’s final major update.

The update adds the new World Maker mode, which will let players effectively build entire Mario games, with up to eight worlds and over 40 different courses.

Aside from the new mode, SMM2 will be receiving power-ups like the SMB2 Mushroom which transforms Mario into his 1998 version from Super Mario Bros. 2. In this mode, the plumber can ride and even throw enemies, big or small. The SMB2 power-up is only compatible with the Super Mario Bros. game style.

Other power-ups include the Frog Suit for swimming and running across surfaces (Super Mario Bros. 3), the Power Balloon for floating (Super Mario World), the Super Acorn for gliding (New Super Mario Bros. U), and the Boomerang Flower which grants Mario the ability to toss out boomerang projectiles (Super Mario 3D World).

A fresh line of Wearables is coming to the Super Mario 3D World game style as well.

Screenshot by: Kristine Tuting/ ONE Esports

Three boxes and two masks have been introduced.

With the help of the Cannon Box, Mario can fire cannonballs and even charge up for long-range shots.

The Propeller Box raises Mario’s elevation up to three times higher than the usual, while the Red Pow Box lets out a huge POW! good for up to three uses.

Makers can also up their camouflage game with the Goomba Mask which disguises Mario as a slightly bigger Goomba to fool the enemies.

There’s also the Bullet Bill Mask which looks pretty fun and exciting as it grants the power of horizontal flight for a limited time.

Bowser’s army is also coming to the game, deemed as the Koopalings. There are seven of them named Larry, Wendy, Morton, Lemmy, Roy, Iggy, and Ludwig.

Credit: Nintendo

A variety of new parts will also be rolling out in the game soon.

The Cursed Key is a regular key that can open doors, but whoever picks it up will get chased by the living mask Phanto. It is available in Super Mario Bros.

On the other hand, the On/Off Trampoline acts as a springboard but only when activated by its switch. It can be creatively used in Super Mario 3D World levels.

Super Mario World’s Mechakoopas are back, and they come in diverse colors. The green ones are the regular ones, while the red Mechakoopas shoot homing missiles and the blue ones attack with laser beams. At night, they all gain jet engines.

This free update for Super Mario Maker 2 is set to launch on April 22.

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