EA has released a trailer for Star Wars: Squadrons, a new team-based game set in the Star Wars universe that lets players get inside the cockpit of iconic starfighters from the series and engage in intense dogfights.

Star Wars: Squadrons pits two squadrons of five pilots against each other as either one of two sides in the galaxy-spanning conflict between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance.

Different classes of starfighters will be available to each side, with each giving them different tactical advantages to help their squadron emerge victorious. Rebel squadrons can take control of the iconic X-Wing while Imperial pilots can choose from the varied array of TIE Fighters.

Winning dogfights won’t be fully decided by how well you can pilot your starfighter, however, as you will also have to modify your ship and manage its different systems on the fly to give you the edge.

More details about Star Wars: Squadrons will be unveiled in the game’s first full gameplay reveal at EA Play Live on June 18, 4 p.m. PDT.

Star Wars: Squadrons will be released on October 2 for the PlayStation 4 and PC, with support for virtual reality and cross-platform play available.

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