The Uzume RR4 has returned with a bang in Destiny 2 thanks to the new update to its perks. To unleash its potential, you’ll want to know the perfect perk combinations for PvE and PvP.

This guide will help you with the knowledge to make pick the best Destiny 2 Uzume RR4 god roll, ready to beat any challenge.

Best Destiny 2 Uzume RR4 god roll

Destiny 2 Uzume RR4 god roll
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Here are the PvE and PvP god rolls for the sniper in Destiny 2.

Uzume RR4 PvE god roll in Destiny 2

BarrelArrowhead Brake
MagazineAppended Mag
Trait OneFourth Time’s The Charm
Trait TwoPrecision Instrument/Vorpal Weapon
Origin TraitStunning Recovery

For PvE, we’re building a relentless damage machine. Our main trait is Fourth Time’s the Charm (FTTC) in the first perk slot. Landing four precision hits returns ammo to the magazine, keeping the gun going. With FTTC active, eight precision shots will refill the mag twice, maximizing uptime.

Pair FTTC with Precision Instrument. You can hit six precision shots and you will see your damage increase by 25%. With FTTC feeding you ammo, you’ll consistently land those bonus-damage shots.

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Alternatively, if you prefer a more straightforward damage boost against bosses, select Vorpal Weapon for a flat 15% increase. It will come down to your choice of which trait you prefer.

With Precision Instrument, you can get more damage as you increase the stacks. On the other hand, Vorpal Weapon gives you an instant damage boost, but overall a lesser boost.

Uzume RR4 PvP god roll in Destiny 2

BarrelFluted Barrel
MagazineSteady Rounds
Trait OneSnapshot Sights
Trait TwoVorpal Weapon
Origin TraitVanguard’s Vindication

For the first trait, Snapshot Sights in the first perk slot quickens your aim down sights (ADS) time, which is crucial for those split-second duels.

Vorpal Weapon remains a strong contender, offering a 15% damage boost. You can shut down those opponents before they can create havoc. For the masterwork, prioritize Handling to enhance your target acquisition and strafing ability. 

The Origin Trait, Vanguard’s Vindication, provides a slight boost to outgoing damage after defeating a Guardian with the Uzume RR4.

That concludes our guide to Destiny 2 Uzume RR4 god roll.

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