Rocket League has announced its first limited-time event of the new year: The Lunar New Year-themed Lucky Lanterns 2020.

Starting today, and running until February 10, 2020, the Lucky Lanterns event will introduce a new arena that gamers can race around in, new cosmetics, and more unlockable content.

Upon logging in, all players will get a firecracker themed “Goodbye Nian” player banner for free.

Gamers will also get to try out a new battle arena — Forbidden Temple. It’s an outdoor battleground that comes decorated with Chinese-themed and Lunar New Year props.

For those who want to spruce up the look and feel of their car, there are a couple of exclusive time-limited add-ons and designs available for purchase including:

  • Celebration Kite antenna attachment
  • Paper Dragon antenna attachment
  • Lantern Fest topper
  • Paper Dragon topper
  • Richie Rat topper
  • Ruckus trail marks
  • Player Title: Rat Racer
  • Spring Pagoda avatar border
  • Dragon Octane Decal
  • Yaojing Dominus and Breakout Decals
  • Red Envelopes boost
  • Fortune wheels
  • Golden Lanterns

All these items can be purchased with the Red Envelopes that players can earn from the matches.

Players who spend on Golden Lanterns will also be able to get random items from the Championship Series 1, 2, and 3 collections.

Credit: Rocket League/Psyonix

You can watch the trailer for the event here:

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