Along with a bevy of other games, including a card game, a tactical shooter, a fighting game, and mobile versions of TFT and League of Legends, Riot Games also announced a sports management game that will let you build and manage your own LoL esports team.

Similar to other sports management simulators, Esports Manager will let you sign players, negotiate contracts, and build your ultimate dream team as you try to take your squad to Worlds.

The game will include a revenue-sharing model that will allow real-life pro teams and players to be included in the game.

While Riot hasn’t announced which pro teams will appear in Esports Manager, the game will launch first in China’s League of Legends Pro League region next year, so expect to see plenty of Chinese pros at launch. Riot says that the game will eventually expand to other regional leagues.

What’s not known though, is whether this game will be on PC, mobile or both. But if it’s launching in China first, it’s likely there will be mobile versions for the world’s largest smartphone market.

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