Riot Games’ has released a development update for its upcoming mobile MOBA, League of Legends: Wild Rift, which details some of the differences between the mobile title and LoL on PC.

Led by Design Lead Brian “Riot Feralpony” Feeney, the almost three-minute update revealed that while the developers plan on retaining the build and design of most champions, some will have different abilities that are better optimized for mobile play.

“We’ve adjusted elements of champions’ purely passive abilities into actives — keeping the feel of the champion intact, while also giving you more control and agency over how they play,” explained Riot Feralpony.

For example, Vayne’s Silver Bolts on PC is a passive ability that grants her basic attacks and her third skill Condemn a stack. In Wild Rift, Silver Bolts will be an active ability that gives Vayne an increased attack speed.

The latest pre-alpha footage from the dev video also showcased some wild, insane modifications such as Lux’s ultimate Final Spark on overdrive and Ashe’s second ability Volley throwing out 11 arrows from its original nine.

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