Making the leap from smaller monitors into the bigger world of Ultra High Definition television sets is Singapore tech brand Prism+.

The company’s latest line of products is its Eon TVs, which range in size from 32-inches to 65-inches. What catches the eye though is that from the 43-inch model onwards, the TVs come with built-in 4K Netflix, 4K YouTube, and HDR (high dynamic range) capabilities.

The pricing for the new range is extremely attractive too. The E32 (32-inch) retails at S$240 (US$175), the E43 (43-inch) is S$460 (US$335) and the E55 (55-inch) goes for S$600 (US$440). The 65-inch model will only be available next year, with pricing to be revealed later.

Bear in mind though, this is an extremely barebones TV. There’s no option to install other streaming apps like Amazon Prime or Twitch, and it runs off a custom OS, so you can’t install Android TV apps either.

These TVs will only be sold in Singapore for now, but Prism+ did mention that it is considering a Southeast Asia launch sometime next year, so expect to see them in more markets soon.

The Prism+ Eon TVs are currently available for pre-order, and will ship sometime in December.

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