Nintendo’s latest Pokémon titles, Sword and Shield, have sold a record-breaking six million copies one week after their release. These numbers make Pokémon Sword and Shield the fastest-selling Nintendo Switch game to date.

While Pokémon Sword and Shield are separate releases, both revolve around the same core adventure set in the Galar region. Differences range from the range of Pokémon exclusive to each title, gym leaders, and in-game items.

Overall gameplay and story beats between the titles are essentially the same.

With their impressive accomplishment, Pokémon Sword and Shield have beaten fighting game title Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which sold five million copies during its opening week.

Sword and Shield have also surpassed Pokémon Let’s Go’s three-million-copy record when it was released in November last year.

Meanwhile, Nintendo 3DS title Pokémon Sun and Moon remains unbeaten as the fastest-selling Pokémon game of all. It has a reported unit sales of 7.2 million copies in North America, Japan, and Europe during its combined launch weeks.

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