The Philippine esports scene is expected to get a boost as Kalaro, a new digital esports platform, is all set to launch on October 12. Kalaro is owned and developed by Philippines-based The-Asia, Inc.

Initiated by a group of Filipino industry experts with extensive experience in the international tech scene, Kalaro aims to be “Asia’s first fully-integrated end-to-end esports digital platform.” This means it will support various stakeholders in the esports scene, from casual and professional players and teams, to tournament organizers, advertising brand partners, and streamers and influencers.

“Our goal is to create a central hub for esports entertainment,” said Jun D. Lasco, Kalaro software architect and Founder of Inc./Pnex International Corporation. “At the same time [we will] support budding and expert Filipino esports e-athletes to excel through the active support from the esports community and sponsorship from corporate brands.” 

“Kalaro” is the Filipino word for “playmate,” and it’s this collaborative spirit that serves as the anchor to the esports platform’s lofty goals. Kalaro will function much like a social networking app dedicated to the gaming community.

For professional gamers and esports teams, it will be the go-to source for tournament announcements, with access to both local and international events. 

For casual fans and influencers, Kalaro will be the ideal place to share and view various esports-related content.

Corporate partners will also find a practical use for Kalaro’s virtual space. In addition to engaging with gamers, streamers, and influencers, advertisers can set up digital storefronts on the platform to make promoting and selling their products to their target audiences more direct and streamlined.

In addition, Kalaro will provide gamers with an e-wallet feature that will consolidate their in-game and real-world purchase needs in one convenient place. The e-wallet will support transactions through the Union Bank of the Philippines, DragonPay, GCash, and Globe Labs.

“We are thrilled to finally unveil Kalaro to be the catalyst in rapidly developing world-class Filipino esports talents,” said Renalyn B. David, Board of Directors Member of Inc./Pnex International Corporation.

“With the incredible support we are getting from our partners and the gaming community, we’re excited to realize the synergy Kalaro will create among corporate brands and more than 30+ million esports enthusiasts in the Philippines.” 

Kalaro is affiliated with global enterprises that include National Computer Systems (NCS, Singapore) and ERNI (Switzerland).

NCS will provide the cloud infrastructure that will make Kalaro consistently available to gamers around the world. ERNI is lending its expertise to create a streamlined interface and user experience that gamers will find convenient and enjoyable to use.

Kalaro will open for signups on October 12. Gamers can choose to register either their mobile number or Facebook, Twitch, Razer, or Google account.

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