Are you ready to embark on the wildest car ride of your life?

Pacific Drive is a first-person driving survival game set in a surreal reimagining of the Pacific Northwest.

In this game, you navigate the Olympic Exclusion Zone, an abandoned research site filled with anomalies and mysteries.

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The game is scheduled to release this month, offering both a standard version and a Pacific Drive Deluxe Edition pack.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about this Ironwood Studios survival game, including its release date, trailer, preorder bonuses, and how to secure your copy.

What is Pacific Drive?

Pacific Drive thrusts you into a thrilling first-person driving survival experience where your car is your sole companion.

Pacific Drive game logo
Credit: Ironwood Studios

Navigate a surreal version of the Pacific Northwest, braving supernatural dangers within the Olympic Exclusion Zone. With each expedition, you’ll encounter diverse challenges. By overcoming them, you can upgrade your vehicle.

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Scour the landscape for vital resources, uncovering the Zone’s past as you master survival amidst its unforgiving terrain.

Pacific Drive release date and platforms

The game will be released on Steam, Epic Games Store, and PlayStation 5 on February 22, 2024.

Where to preorder the Pacific Drive Deluxe Edition and Standard Edition

SteamUS$15 (standard edition)
US17 (deluxe edition)
PlayStation StoreUS$29.99 (standard edition)
US$34.99 (deluxe edition)
Epic Games StoreUS$15 (standard edition)
US17 (deluxe edition)

The Pacific Drive Deluxe Edition includes the “We Have Liftoff” customization pack, featuring items inspired by space exploration that you can use to personalize your station wagon.

Pacific Drive Deluxe Edition We Have Liftoff Customization pack
Credit: Ironwood Studios

You can watch the Pacific Drive trailer below.

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