What do you get when you combine a shooter, ghostbusting, and a countdown to certain death? A thrilling game of hide-and-seek called Midnight Ghost Hunt.

Developed by indie studio, Mellowsoft, the 4v4 game will have one team playing as the ghosts and one team playing as the ghost hunters.

What is Midnight Ghost Hunt all about?

At the start of the game, ghosts will be able to possess and hide inside any inanimate object around the house. The ghost hunters’ job is to find and eliminate all of the ghosts, armed with an array of ghost hunting tools and trackers.

Ghosts can move from object to object to stay hidden, but they can also fight back against the hunters by throwing items at them.


The hunters will need to work together to find all of the ghosts because after four minutes have passed, the clock strikes midnight, and the tables will turn: Any ghosts remaining will get a big powerup that lets them easily kill the ghost hunters.

Credit: Midnight Ghost Hunt/Vaulted Sky Games

Midnight Ghost Hunt will be available on PC. A closed alpha starts this summer. Details on how to sign up are available here.