Marvel now has a Mobile Legends equivalent.

Super War, a collaboration with Chinese mobile game developer NetEase Games, lets you take your favorite heroes and villains out for a 5v5 battle on your phone. As of now, Super War is free-to-play and is currently in closed-beta for select countries (Thailand, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines).

Set in the high-tech jungle of Wakanda, Super War feels strikingly similar to other mobile MOBAs, but Marvel claims to have tweaked their MOBA to be a more balanced, more skill-based game.

“The MOBA staple unfair rune-like system has been given an overhaul and replaced with a completely open and free buff system, meaning that reputation and achievements can only be earned through skill and perseverance,” said Marvel in its official press release.

In-game abilities have also been tweaked to fit Marvel’s original design. For example, Deadpool is able to switch out of melee and use his guns just like he would the comics. Although it may not seem like much, it adds a sense of immersion that you are playing an official and authentic adaption of such characters. This feeling of authenticity may be the defining factor that may set Super War above other mobile MOBAs.

For now, an official release date for Super War has not yet been announced, but more details will likely be revealed after the closed-beta run.

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