A new Magic: The Gathering (MTG) game is now out, called Magic: ManaStrike.

Unlike the traditional MTG or its digital counterpart: MTG: Arena, this new entry twists the concept of card-game battles by adding the tower defense genre into the mix.

While the main gameplay is similar to MTG, requiring you to collect mana to cast spells and summon creatures, it adds in a PvP tower defense aspect.

Summoned creatures will automatically march towards the opponents base, attacking enemies and fortifications as they go. You win the game when the opponent’s base is destroyed.

Credit: Netmarble/WoTC

Each player is represented by a Planeswalker, one of MTG’s most powerful mages. In ManaStrike, Planeswalkers can join the battlefield for a limited time for unique effects. Each Planeswalker has their own unique power, some buff nearby friendly units, while others deal a massive amount of AoE damage to enemies when called upon.

Credit: Netmarble/WoTC

Like most free-to-play tower defense and card game battles, there are bonuses and add-ons that players can spend money on.

For now, there is the monthly Magic Pass, which offers special skins, new Planeswalker characters, and additional card packs.

Magic: ManaStrike is available now for iOS and Android.

You can watch the trailer for the game here: