Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth is already jam-packed with content. 

It has an engaging single-player story, an improved combat system, a diverse range of mini-games, and even a customizable island. But the excitement doesn’t end there.  

The Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth DLC offers a plethora of new content to keep players hooked. This article delves into all the DLC and digital content, along with the bundles and special job sets you’ll want to acquire.  

Join us as we uncover the latest additions to Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth.

All Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth DLCs

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Segway DLC
Credit: SEGA

As players delve into the DLC, they’ll discover a range of enticing additions, from new game modes and special jobs to unique outfits and items that enhance party abilities and equipment.  

These DLC offerings are available individually or as part of the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition bundles.

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Base gameYesYesYes
Master vacation bundleYesYes
Assorted outfit bundleYes
Sujimon and Resort bundleYes
Yakuza CD collectionYes

Master Vacation Bundle

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Dondoko Island DLC content
Credit: SEGA

Embark on a new adventure with the Master Vacation Bundle, which gives you the opportunity to experience New Game+ in three difficulty levels (Normal, Hard, and Legend).  

This bundle includes a bonus dungeon, new trophies/achievements, special outfits, and the Master Vacation Swimsuit Set.

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  • New Game+ (Normal, Hard, Legend) 
  • Bonus Dungeon 
  • New Trophies/Achievement 
  • Special Outfits Set 
  • Master Vacation Swimsuit Set 
  • Dondoko Island Invites Set: Hero’s Party 
  • Sujimon Recruit Set: Hero’s Party 

The Master Vacation Bundle is a treasure trove of enticing features, including new game modes, unique jobs, and special outfits and items that boost your party’s capabilities and equipment.

Assorted Outfit Bundle

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth DLC outfits
Credit: SEGA

Dress your characters in style with the Assorted Outfit Bundle, featuring legacy character outfits and swimsuits that can be worn in battle, adding a touch of flair to combat.

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  • Hero’s Party Legacy Costume Set 
  • Ichiban Kasuga Outfit Set 
  • Kazuma Kiryu Outfit Set 
  • Mascot Heads Set 
  • Japanese Festival Swimsuit Set 
  • Japanese Cuisine Swimsuit Bundle 

Give your characters a stylish edge with special costumes, including legacy characters’ outfits and swimsuits that add flair to every battle.  

Players will delight in the diverse range of outfits as each character brings a fresh and fun vibe to every battle.

Sujimon and Resort Bundle

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Sujimon DLC
Credit: SEGA

Boost your arsenal with the Sujimon and Resort Bundle — featuring legendary Sujimon — who is ready to join your ranks in battle, alongside powerful items to amplify their abilities. 

Moreover, this bundle includes esteemed guests for Dondoko Island and enhancements to elevate your resort’s hospitality.

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  • Legendary Sujimon Set 
  • Sujimon Raising Set 
  • Legendary Guests Set 
  • Dondoko Island Booster Set 

The Sujimon and Resort Bundle enhances your experience by offering legendary Sujimon for battle, tools to strengthen them, esteemed guests for Dondoko Island, and upgrades to enhance your resort’s allure. 

Yakuza CD Collection

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Enjoy classic karaoke tracks with the Yakuza CD Collection, allowing you to listen to these beloved tunes as background music at various in-game locations. 

This collection offers a variety of classic tracks from Like a Dragon, perfect for setting the mood at Kasuga and Kiryu’s favorite hangouts or as you explore the bustling city streets. 

Other DLC Available

Explore additional content with the following enticing DLC offerings:

Special Job Set: Linebacker and Tennis Ace

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth DLC content
Credit: SEGA
  • Male Job: Linebacker is available for all male party members.
  • Female Job: Tennis Ace is available for all female party members.

Legendary Booster Pack

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth DLC content
Credit: SEGA
  • Leveling Set (Small) x 1 
  • Job Leveling Set (Medium) x 1 
  • Self-Improvement Booster Set (Small) x 1 

Level Boosters: These items grant enough EXP to raise a character’s level by 1. They do not affect job rank and cannot be used by characters who have reached their maximum level (Lv. 99). They grant as much EXP as needed, making them most beneficial when characters are far from leveling up. 

Stat Boosters: These items raise a character’s corresponding stat (HP, MP, Attack, Defense, Magic, Willpower, Agility).

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Personality Boosters: These items enhance one aspect of Kasuga’s personality (Passion, Confidence, Charisma, Kindness, Intellect, Style). 

Awakening Boosters: These items enhance one aspect of Kiryu’s awakening (Soul, Tech, Body).

Gearworks Crafting Sets (Medium and Large)

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth DLC content
Credit: SEGA

The Gearworks Crafting Set is an array of materials for crafting and strengthening weapons at Julie’s Gearworks.

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  • Pure Steel (Single-Use Special) x 200 
  • Electric Geode (Single-Use Special) x 100 
  • Lava Geode (Single-Use Special) x 100 
  • Ice Geode (Single-Use Special) × 100 
  • Rainbow Geode (Single-Use Special) x 100 
  • Shark Fin (Single-Use Special) × 5 


  • Lustrous Steel (Single-Use Special) x 150 
  • Electric Crystal (Single-Use Special) x 50 
  • Lava Crystal (Single-Use Special) x 50 
  • Ice Crystal (Single-Use Special) × 50 
  • Rainbow Crystal (Single-Use Special) x 50 
  • Squid Tentacles (Single-Use Special) × 5 
  • Self-Improvement Booster Sets (Small, Medium, and Large) 

Job Leveling Sets (Small, Medium, and Large)

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth DLC content
Credit: SEGA

The Job Leveling Sets come in three sizes: Small, with one charge, medium, with two charges; and large, with three charges, offering varying levels of enhancement for your party’s job levels. All the items listed above are for single use only.

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  • Land of the Freelancer (Freelancer) 
  • The Hero’s Sojourn (Hero)Develop Your Inner Dragon (Dragon of Dojima)
  • Embracing Elitism (Heiress) 
  • Driver’s Ed Demystified (Cabbie) 
  • Surviving the Streets (Homeless Guy) 
  • Sleuthing Made Simple (Detective) 
  • The Amateur Professional (Hitman) 
  • Understanding the Underworld (Gangster) 
  • Cocktail Connoisseur (Barmaid) 
  • Without a Trace (Assassin) 
  • The Book of Five Stings (Samurai) 
  • Know Your Shinobi (Kunoichi) 
  • You’ve Got It, Maid (Housekeeper) 
  • One with Mother Nature (Geodancer) 
  • Jeet Kune Do’s and Don’ts (Action Star) 
  • Bodacious Boarding (Aquanaut) 
  • Guidebook for the Gridiron (Linebacker) 
  • Learning to Lob Again (Tennis Ace) 
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Bumbling (Desperado) 
  • Pyro Dance with Me (Pyrodancer) 
  • 2BA Mancer (Sujimancer) 
  • The Art of Entertaining (Host) 
  • Breakin’ and Boppin’ (Breaker) 

Leveling Sets (Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large)

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth DLC content
Credit: SEGA

Level Boosters provide enough EXP to increase a character’s level by one, and they are most beneficial when the character is farthest from leveling up.  

They do not affect job rank and cannot be used by characters at their maximum level (Lv. 99). 

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Stat Boosters enhance a character’s corresponding stat (HP, MP, Attack, Defense, Magic, Willpower, Agility). 

All the items listed above are for single use only. 


  • Level Booster x 5 
  • Health Booster x 1 
  • Mood Booster x 1 
  • Muscle Booster x 1 
  • Guts Booster x 1 
  • Brain Booster x 1 
  • Spirit Booster x 1 
  • Reflex Booster x 1 


  • Level Booster x 10 
  • Health Booster x 2 
  • Mood Booster x 2 
  • Muscle Booster x 2 
  • Guts Booster x 2 
  • Brain Booster x 2 
  • Spirit Booster x 2 
  • Reflex Booster x 2 


  • Level Booster x 15 
  • Health Booster x 3 
  • Mood Booster x 3 
  • Muscle Booster x 3 
  • Guts Booster x 3 
  • Brain Booster x 3 
  • Spirit Booster x 3 
  • Reflex Booster x 3 

Extra Large 

  • Level Booster x 20 
  • Health Booster x 5 
  • Mood Booster x 5 
  • Muscle Booster x 5 
  • Guts Booster x 5 
  • Brain Booster x 5 
  • Spirit Booster x 5 
  • Reflex Booster x 5 

Special Outfit Hello Worker

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Ichiban outfit DLC
Credit: SEGA

Players will receive Ichiban’s opening outfit from his time as a Hello Work employee.

You can go to Ryu Ga Gotoku’s official website for more information.

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