Fast-food chain Wendy’s has entered the board game scene with Feast of Legends, their first role-playing tabletop title. It plays much like the popular tabletop game Dungeons and Dragons.

In Feast of Legends, the restaurant’s mascot Wendy is a queen reigning over the peaceful nation of Freshtovia. However, a vaguely familiar villain called the Ice Jester is threatening to freeze the lands and keep the freshness away from Queen Wendy’s nation.

All you need to get started with Feast of Legends is the 97-page game guide that you can download for free as a PDF file.

Following all the rules and roles listed in the guide, players can create their own characters based on the game’s “12 Orders of Adventure,” which includes familiar menu items like Order of the Baconator and Order of the Baked Potato.

Learn more about the game on the official Feast of Legends website. It even includes a dedicated page for rolling the dice in the game!

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