Are you stuck trying to figure out how to escape Geji Dragon in Sand Land?

The Geji Dragon is an enormous territorial creature that lives underground. Not in a position to fight the fearsome beast, Beelzebub and his companions need to escape from it if they want to reach their next destination.

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Is Sand Land connected to Dragon Ball?

Turning into a vehicle chase quest called “Escape the Geji Dragon!”, you need to survive the chase to continue the story.

Despite the Geji Dragon’s enormous size, its attacks can be dodged if you know what to look out for. Here’s a quick guide on how to escape Geji Dragon vehicle chase with ease.

How to escape Geji Dragon in Sand Land

Sand Land escape the Geji Dragon vehicle chase quest in-game
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During the chase, the Geji Dragon digs underground and attacks your vehicle as it surfaces.

The best way to dodge its underground attacks is to watch for the sand cloud, which indicates where it surfaces next.

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When you start the escape, stay on either the very left or right side of the road.

When the Geji Dragon dives into the ground, look for the sand cloud. Once you see it, make a hard turn to the opposite side of the cloud to dodge it.

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