FaZe Clan plans to start streaming virtual reality content throughout 2019, and that’s really thanks to a new sponsorship from HTC.

Two members of FaZe Clan, Jack “Cizzorz” and Dennis “Cloakzy” Lepore, will be streaming HTC Vive content on Twitch to spearhead the sponsorship.

Cizzorz and Cloakzy are more known for the competitive play in Fortnite so it will be a nice change to see what the two can do in virtual reality.

FaZe Clan has been on a tear with getting sponsorships, securing car conglomerate Nissan last month, and has even stepped into clothing with its collaboration with Neff to create Fortnite apparel.

Meanwhile, HTC has been heavily promoting its new Viveport Infinity service, which gives users access to VR videos, apps and games. This partnership will likely help HTC drive up more publicity for its service going forward.

FaZe Clan CEO Lee Trink was eager to welcome HTC as their new sponsor and stated that they “couldn’t be more excited to kick off the partnership”, while HTC Gaming’s Andrew Wu called the partnership, along with their mutual love for VR gaming, “a perfect match”.