Don’t walk into a tank fight without first knowing how to summon vehicles to aid you!

Sand Land is an action RPG set in a desert world ravaged by water scarcity. Vehicles are crucial for traversing the treacherous terrain and exploring a vast desert world.

You’ll customize and pilot a variety of rides, from nimble buggies to powerful battle tanks, to conquer the dunes, overcome obstacles, and survive the dangers of the desert.

Sand Land game preview by ONE Esports featuring terrain and vehicles
Credit: ONE Esports
Sand Land preview: A barren land full of diverse gameplay

Travelling on foot is an option but the world is so large and vast that you’d spent more time walking than actually playing.

Considering how important they are, you’ll need to know how to summon your vehicles whenever you need them.

How to summon vehicles in Sand Land

Any equipped vehicles can be summoned by pressing the right directional button on your controller.

Sand Land Playstation 5 How to summon vehicle wheel on console
Screenshot by Danelie Purdue/ONE Esports

Upon doing so, it’ll bring up a vehicle wheel with all your currently equipped vehicles. Select which one you’d like to summon with your analog stick, then select it to confirm your choice.

If you’re looking for a way to quickly cycle through your vehicles whilst on the go, make sure you summon whilst in one already.

Summoning this way skips the animation of Beelzebub throwing the vehicle capsule.

Beelzebub, Thief, and Rao in Sand Land anime in ONE Esports featured image for article "Is Sand Land connected to Dragon Ball?"
Credit: ONE Esports, Sunrise, Anima, Kamikaze Douga
Is Sand Land connected to Dragon Ball?

You can only summon vehicles that are equipped to your vehicle wheel, so make sure you’ve customized it to your liking at Ann’s garage in Spino.

Yes, you can ride around with five tanks equipped if you want.

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