Do you want to get into Scribing in ESO but can’t figure out how to get Luminous Inks?

Players who purchased the Gold Road Chapter in The Elder Scrolls Online can now craft spells with customizable effects by learning the mechanics of a new feature called Scribing.

Scribing is the ancient art of shaping magic by filling up a Grimoire with a set of scripts, as well as some Luminous Inks.

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Grimoires and scripts can be used indefinitely upon obtainment, but Luminous Inks are expendable items required for completing a scribing process.

If you want to get serious about Scribing, you’ll need lots of Luminous Inks to come up with a variety of new spells.

Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road DLC Luminous Inks
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Best ESO Scribing guide for Elder Scroll Online players — complete information

Here is a complete ONE Esports guide that teaches you how to get Luminous Inks in Elder Scrolls Online, including other tips to farm these magical inks as fast as possible.

How to get Luminous Inks in ESO

Luminous Inks can only be obtained by completing the ESO Scribing quest. You can get this quest by talking to Adept Irnard Rirnil of the Mages Guild in Skingrad.

Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road DLC Adept Irnard Scribing Quest NPC
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How to start ESO Scribing quest in Elder Scrolls Online

The ESO Scribing quest is composed of six questlines, namely the following:

  1. The Second Era of Scribing
  2. The Wing of the Indrik
  3. The Wing of the Netch
  4. The Wing of the Gryphon
  5. The Wing of the Dragon
  6. The Wing of the Crow
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Clearing The Wing of the Indrik and The Wing of the Netch allows Luminous Inks to become available as rare drops from enemy loots and harvesting nodes.

In other words, you can get Luminous Inks from basically everywhere, as long as you keep looting from hostile NPCs and harvesting every node that you can find in Tamriel.

Elder Scrolls Online how to get luminous Luminous Inks through resource nodes
Screenshot by Celsos Ricablanca/ONE Esports

You can also get 12 Luminous Inks by acquiring them as rewards during the Scribing quest.

Tips for farming Luminous Inks

Unfortunately, Luminous Inks are quite difficult to farm in the game as they have extremely low drop rates.

Farming Luminous Inks in Elder Scrolls Online Dungeon
Screenshot by Celsos Ricablanca/ONE Esports

You can get one Luminous Ink for every 30 minutes to an hour of defeating enemies. If you’re unlucky, you might even spend hours without finding a single ink.

We hope future updates will make Luminous Inks more accessible. But as of now, we highly recommend doing dungeons, as it also allows you to farm other items and grind for experience.

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In case you’re interested in finding Luminous Inks through resource nodes, the best regions that you can get high concentrations of nodes are the Northern sections of Craglorn, Phaer in Auridon, Fell’s Run in Rivenspire, and Fort Zeren in Bal Foyen.

This concludes our comprehensive guide on how to get luminous Inks in ESO. Happy farming!

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