XDefiant has seen a ton of attention since its Closed Beta back in April, and now it’s time to really dive in and explain the XDefiant game modes supported at launch.

The upcoming free-to-play shooter from Ubisoft already supports several game modes, and we’re here to tell you exactly how to secure your victory in each.

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All XDefiant game modes explain

XDefiant game modes, maps, and more
Credit: Ubisoft

XDefiant Escort game mode explained

Escort is a game mode where players are placed against each other, but in this one, they have different goals.

The attacking team will want to help guide a robot to a specific delivery point, while the defending team will need to try their best to slow down and stop the attackers.

As the attacking team progresses, they will reach checkpoints that will in turn change the location from which both teams spawn. The team that progresses further takes home the victory.

If this sounds familiar to you, well, that’s because it’s very similar to one of Overwatch’s modes.

XDefiant Zone Control game mode explained

Zone Control should be very familiar to those who have played any sort of control point style game mode, however, it’s got some unique characteristics that Battlefield players may recognize.

In this one, you’ll need to either attack or defend various points around the map. The game will start with four zones unlocked for players to battle over, and as the attackers take a zone, they will unlock the fifth.

The goal will be to take as many of these points as possible.

XDefiant Domination game mode explained

No point in reinventing the wheel on this one. Domination is an FPS classic, where the two teams are pitted against each other to maintain control of three points across the map.

The teams will earn points as they hold the points, gaining more points for holding more locations. It’s really that simple.

The team to earn the most points or hit the threshold for victory first will be declared the winner.

XDefiant Occupy game mode explained

The last mode takes Domination and brings it down to one singular point that will rotate around the map.

Once again, the two teams will fight each other for the most amount of time maintaining control of the point. The team with the highest time with the point will take home the victory.

Headquarters from Call of Duty would be a very great side-by-side comparison.

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