Garena has just released Booyah!, an app made specifically for Free Fire content. Booyah! will become Garena’s official hub for content creators who want to stream, chat with players, and upload their videos to a familiar audience and to other platforms such as Twitch and Facebook Gaming.

The term Booyah! comes from Free Fire’s game-winning notification, similar in meaning as PUBG’s “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner” and Fortnite’s “Victory Royale”.

Credit: Garena

Though the app is essentially a streaming platform that could host an array of games, the features of the app are very much catered to the Free Fire audience. The app will allow players to create Free Fire match highlights, link their accounts to the app, and share their content across all platforms. Streamers can even create custom lobbies to play with or against their audience.

Seeing as how Booyah! is still a fairly new platform, Garena is implementing some solid incentives to gather its massive player-base under one platform. The gaming company will host events such as reward programs, drop-enabled streams, and official live-streams of various Free Fire esports events.

Booyah! is available now on iOS, Android, and PC.

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