Fans of Free Fire will be happy to know that the mobile battle royale will be expanding its line-up of global events for 2020.

Besides the on-going Free Fire Champions Cup, which is an update from last year’s Free Fire World Cup, and the Free Fire World Series — there will now be two more world tournaments.

Unfortunately, Garena did not share further details.

What has been shared so far includes the fact that there will be two all-new events that are set to take place in mid-2020. Both will feature new gameplay formats.

All in all, these four events are offering up a combined amount of US$2 million as the prize pool.

While fans wait for further details, let’s check out the new changes to the first Free Fire event that will kick-off on April 19 2020.

The Top 12 teams from the Qualifiers, which have already started, will compete for the global championship crown in Southeast Asia. More details will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Credit: Free Fire/Garena

As 2020 moves towards the year-end, the Free Fire World Series — now in its second edition — will be playing in Brazil again. 12 teams, all of whom are top-seeds for their respective regional leagues, will be competing for the title of being the best in Free Fire.

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