Super Smash Bros Ultimate fans, get ready to rumble.

Entertainment venue chain GameWorks has announced that it will be holding a nationwide Super Smash Bros Ultimate (SSBU) tournament with cash and prizes totalling up to US$25,000, with registration to begin on April 22.

SSBU, played on the Nintendo Switch, is the latest installment of the Super Smash Bros. fighting game franchise. It boasts a roster of 74 multi-franchise characters from the previous four games and will have six new DLC characters available later this year such as the Piranha Plant from the Super Mario series.

GameWorks Official Announcement
Credit: GameWorks Twitter

The tournament is officially titled the “GameWorks Showdown” and will be held at GameWorks’ official venues around the United States of America.

It will go through the usual local and regional qualifier rounds, with GameWorks crowning a regional champion at each venue. These champions will then meet in Las Vegas for the Grand Finals on June 29, with the winner of the GameWorks Showdown receiving US$10,000 in cash.

While it’s only in its first iteration, the GameWorks Showdown isn’t any smaller compared with other tournaments such as the Tekken World Tour which has the same prize pool of US$25,000 but an even smaller grand prize of US$7,500.

GameWorks is also working with other sponsors, such as gaming brands Cougar and Alienware and hot sauce brand Tabasco.

“This is also one of the largest tournaments and highest prize pools for a Smash Bros. Ultimate competition,” said Philip N. Kaplan, Chairman and CEO of GameWorks Inc. in an press release.

“We are affording dedicated Smash Bros. players and communities within our venues the opportunity to participate nationally and compete with players around the country.”

Kaplan also added that “esports is still in its embryonic stage, with massive market potential” and he hopes that GameWorks as a company is able to become an essential part of the esports community.

The GameWorks Showdown Grand Finals will be streamed on Twitch on June 29.