Red Barrels, a Montreal-based studio and the developers of popular horror title Outlast, have just revealed their newest game called The Outlast Trials.

This will be a familiar title for fans of the video game series, as The Outlast Trials is set in the same universe as the previous titles Outlast, Outlast 2, and Outlast: Whistleblower.

Set in the Cold War era, the upcoming four-player game is hinted to have either a solo mode or co-op mode as revealed in Red Barrels’ Facebook post.

While more information about the game has yet to be disclosed to the public, Red Barrels already clarified that the title will not be in virtual reality (VR).

However, the game is just not ready yet, as co-founder David Chateauneuf said there is still so much left to do, as The Outlast Trials is still in production.

“Now we’ve done our proof of concept, it is time to focus on content creation, variety… and gore,” said Chateauneuf in the Facebook post.

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