Get ready for some hot racing action this weekend, as the new revamped season of the Formula 1 New Balance Esports Series will being on April 8.

Riding on the success of its own real-world spot, last years Pro Series reached a record audience of 5.5 million viewers through different media outlets such as TV networks and a dedicated live stream. That has proven big enough for a new season, with new changes to make it exciting for viewers.

The changes include adding another event compared to last years Pro Series. The official F1 teams and their drivers will now compete in four live events between September to December 2019.

Similar to the real-world Formula 1, participants will be competing for two titles, the 2019 F1 New Balance Esports Series Teams’ and the Drivers’ World Championships with an increased prize pool of $500,000.

The qualifying window for players looking to participate in the prestigious Pro Draft has also been extended, with all entrants competing in F1 2018, the official game of the FIA Formula One World Championship available on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One X.

Even as F1 is looking to establish itself a leading esport in the industry, it is also focused on expanding to China in late summer of 2019 with the Formula 1 Heineken Chinese Grand Prix 2019. The race is set to be one of its biggest events of the year as it celebrates a landmark moment with F1’s 1000th Grand Prix.

“Last season was a decisive year for F1 Esports with the inclusion of the first official teams and record audience figures. As we move into this 2019 season, F1 will remain at the forefront of this explosive industry” said by Sean Bratches, Managing Director, Commercial Operations, at Formula 1 own’s news site.