Alongside the pre-registration announcement, TiMi Studio Group and Level Infinite also announced the overall Honor of Kings pre-registration rewards to boost the game’s appeal to players worldwide.

Honor of Kings is going global, welcoming gamers from North America, Europe, Japan, Singapore, and beyond to jump into the intense team-based action that has made it a top mobile MOBA.

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Launched in China in 2015, Honor of Kings has built a massive community with over 200 million registered players to date.

In this piece, we list all Honor of Kings pre-registration rewards, including the rewards for the lucky draw event

A brief introduction to Honor of Kings

Honor of Kings official logo
Credt: TiMi Studios, Level Infinite

Honor of Kings takes you to a realm where myths and skills collide.

At its global launch, players get to choose from a roster of over 85 legendary heroes, each deeply rooted in mythological tales and rich lore, bringing unique stories and abilities to the battlefield.

The game offers a variety of competitive modes, from strategic team-based 5v5 battles to intense solo 1v1 duels, including Ranked, Solo, Championship, Boot Camp, Simulation, and Solo Practice options.

Honor of Kings hero selection screen in game
Credt: TiMi Studios, Level Infinite

It’s a game where skill reigns supreme, free to play and designed for fairness. Wins are achieved through strategy and skill, not by how much money is spent.

This is mirrored in its matchmaking system, which matches players with similar skill levels, rankings, and gameplay preferences to ensure every match is balanced and competitive.

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Players are invited to explore five distinct character classes: Fighter, Assassin, Mage, Marksman, or Support, unlocking a diverse array of playstyles and strategies.

Honor of Kings pre-registration rewards

Starting May 16 2024, players across the globe can sign up early for the upcoming worldwide release, teaming up to unlock a collection of rewards for each milestone reached.

Honor of Kigns pre-registration page prompt
Screenshot by Calvin Trilles/ ONE Esports

The Honor of Kings pre-registration rewards range from various in-game currencies to free access to all heroes, ensuring players hit the ground running on June 20, 2024.

Player pre-registrationFree Hero: Ying
Free Skin: Crimson Tassel Ying skin
Level 1 Milestone1,000,000 players pre-registered500 Diamonds
Level 2 Milestone2,000,000 players pre-registered2000 Arcana Fragments
Level 3 Milestone3,000,000 players pre-registered5000 Starstones
Level 4 Milestone5,000,000 players pre-registered All Heroes Free Trial Pass x 20

Honor or Kings lucky draw event rewards

Starting positions of heroes in Honor of Kings
Credt: TiMi Studios, Level Infinite

Moreover, starting May 31, 2024, everyone who pre-registers, as well as players in areas where Honor of Kings is already available, will have the opportunity to participate in a lucky draw.

This event offers participants the chance to win an array of exciting prizes as part of the Honor of Kings pre-register rewards:

Unicorn Overlord characters: All classes, companions, seiyuu
Credit: SEGA, ATLUS, Vanillaware, ONE Esports
Unicorn Overlord characters: All classes, companions, seiyuu
  • Grand Prize – Full Hero with full Skin privileges
  • 1st Prize  – 500 Limited Time Tokens
  • 2nd Prize – 18,888 Starstones
  • Sunshine Blessing Prize – 200 Diamonds for all participants

For more information, visit the official Honor of Kings website.

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