Taiwanese computer manufacturer Clevo’s upcoming laptops will be getting an audio boost.

The company has signed a deal with Singapore-based audio maker Creative to use its Super X-Fi tech for future gaming notebooks. This arrangement will add studio-level sound processing for headphone users, and will feature added depth compared to standard stereo setups.

Similar to the more widely known Dolby Atmos format, Creative’s Super X-Fi is capable of creating a 7.1 sound stage, but Super X-Fi’s claim to fame is its ability to customize the sound output based on your ear shape for the perfect listening experience.

“As Creative Super X-Fi is flexible, it can be implemented in a wide-range of platforms and solutions,” said Lee Tech Chee, vice president of engineering and the inventor of Super X-Fi.

Lee also added it was an exciting time for gamers, as Creative’s tech would allow them to feel like they are on a “battlefield when playing”, or in a cinema while watching a movie on their laptops.

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