Codemaster’s Grid racing series hasn’t had a new title since 2014, but the game’s all set for a fourth version this fall.

Besides sporting the usual range of racing modes, such as circuit, street-racing, ovals, hot laps, point-to-point, and time attack, Fernando Alonso’s esports racing team, FA Racing, will be in the game, as the “final boss” for players.

“Having completed across F1, Endurance, and Stock Racing, [joining] Grid is [timely] and I’m delighted that the studio has added both myself and my team into the game,” he said. The two-time F1 champion’s is also coming onboard as a Race Consultant.

In the real world, FA Racing is currently competing across all virtual racing tournaments, like Dirt Rally 2.0, iRacing, Project Cars 2, and GT Sport.

Credit: FA Racing Esports

Players who are gunning for the chance to race against Fernando will be facing him in his Renault R26, the persona and car that won the Formula 1 championship title in 2006.

The upcoming Grid will feature race-tracks that span across four continents and an extensive list of GT racing, touring, and super cars. Watch the trailer below.

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