Chinese authorities are regulating video game playing time for minor-aged gamers, the National Press and Publication Administration (Xinhua News Agency) has announced.

The following rules apply to Chinese nationals aged 18 years old and below:

  • Playing games between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. is not allowed.
  • A maximum play time of one hour and 30 minutes is allowed on weekdays.
  • A maximum play time of three hours is allowed on weekends and holidays.

The restrictions were made in response to alarming trends in bad eyesight and poor academic performance among the youth.

Also being implemented is a cap for online purchases. Players are now only allowed to spend US$28 to US$57 per month, depending on their age.

This is not the first time that Chinese authorities are declaring hard rules against gaming.

Previously, the Chinese government also implemented a stringent video game license approval process for game developers, restricting graphic content such as blood and corpses. These measures also prohibit the inclusion of gambling elements in games.

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