You can now officially state that you have a job doing esports in China.

That’s because China’s human resource agency, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (CMHRSS) has confirmed thirteen new professions, with two esports-related profession included, reports The Esports Observer.

The inclusion of “esports operator” and “esports professional” alongside a list of professions for the tech sector reflects China’s push into the tech sector, and the inclusion of esports reflects the industry boom in the country.

There were only 133 million mobile gamers China in 2010; today that figure is close to 600 million in mobile alone. Last year, the Chinese e-sports industry was valued at some 8.4 billion RMB (US$1.25 billion), with that figure expected to soar to 20 billion RMB by 2020.

“Esports professionals” are classified as individuals who compete in tournaments, perform in esports events, or train with other professionals. Those who help analyze games or assist with training can be recognized as ‘esports professionals’ as well.

On the other hand, “esports operators” are people working in esports organization activities or are working on content in the industry.

With official government recognition, it will be interesting to see whether this will help boost China to surpass the US in terms of the highest earning esports countries.