After weeks of teasing on Twitter and Facebook, the most wanted bad guys in the Pokémon series have finally blasted their way into Pokémon GO.

Team GO Rocket has a simple but devious goal: to take over all the PokéStops and disrupt the Pokémon habitats around them. Since July 25, multiple PokéStops around the world have been turning black, as if they were being infected.

While it isn’t Jesse or James taking the spotlight, having Team Rocket appear in one of the world’s popular mobile games is a real treat, adding a fresh dimension of excitement that stays true to Pokémon lore. More importantly, on July 28 at 4pm (local time, worldwide), the Team GO Rocket main event will start-up with all PokéStops being invaded!

Stay vigilant and keep a sharp eye on the map throughout the Team GO Rocket event. Players just need to look for PokéStops that have become blackened or discolored. While they are easy to spot, these invaded zones do not frequently appear. And when they do, they are only open for a limited time.

Credit: Pokémon GO/The Pokémon Company_Niantic

When you come across a discolored PokéStop, a Team GO Rocket Grunt will appear with a challenge. Players must fight off three Shadow Pokémon during this encounter. Beat the Grunts and get the chance to catch the Shadow Pokémon they abandoned after they retreat.

Saving Shadow Pokémon doesn’t end with their capture. Players can keep and use them as is or Purify them.

Credit: Pokémon GO/The Pokémon Company_Niantic

Players that opt to help these Shadow Pokémon will need to spend a lot of Stardust — starting from 1,000 to 2,000 upwards — and two to five Pokémon Candy. This is important: players cannot trade Shadow Pokémon. After Purification, these Pokémon will become considerably stronger than their counterparts.

This global level threat will only run until August 1 so gear up, Pokémon Trainers! It’s time to take down some bad guys.

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