Barely a week after this year’s Call of Duty (CoD) World League wrapped up, Activision is already hard at work to make the tournament’s next season even more exciting.

In a detailed Reddit post, Activision announced a new format for the World League, primarily focused on developing city-based franchise leagues, reconstructing the team rosters on a global scale, and creating the ideal environment for continuous player development.

When 2020 rolls in, the new season of Call of Duty esports will feature a console-based 5v5 multiplayer team battle format, where teams must field seven to 10 members. (In previous years only five members were allowed with just a single substitute per lineup.)

To build toward the upcoming season, the following roster construction rules were established:

  • All players must sign a new form contract to compete under the upcoming season’s new format. All player contracts are guaranteed.
  • Signed players will receive a base salary of US$50,000/year, healthcare benefits, and get a retirement plan drawn up. Players will also be eligible to receive a direct share of at least 50% of their team’s prize pool earnings for the season.
  • Existing teams that want to maintain their rosters as they transition into a city-based organization will be allowed to work out new contacts starting August 26.
  • An “Open Signing Window” for professional CoD players will open on September 3, 2019. Starting on this date players can negotiate and sign contracts with teams. Players who are under contract with an existing squad will still be subject to the terms of their current contract until terms of the new contract are finalized.
  • Player trading among teams will be allowed and can take place throughout the season.

In line with the World League’s direction toward becoming a city-based league, teams will be allowed — but not required — to provide housing or a housing stipend to players. Teams, however, must facilitate the necessary visa paperwork required for their players to compete in venues around the world.

Another commendable development for the 2020 World League season is the improved Path to Pro player pipeline. Starting next year, Activision will actively support, as well as administer, amateur competitions in various locations around the world. These online and open bracket tournaments will have dedicated prize pools to encourage greater participation from amateur players, as well as professional teams.

World League teams will be allowed to field up to two pro players from their roster in Path to Pro events.

Activision believes this new ecosystem will create a more dynamic esports scene for CoD, while giving amateurs better chances to go pro and clearing a path for more format updates in the future.

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