Taiwanese electronics giant Asus has something cool to dazzle your eyes.

Its latest yet-unnamed 43-inch gaming monitor, revealed at a recent AMD next-gen graphics event, features the new Display Stream Compression (DSC) technology.

First implemented on the AMD Radeon RX 5700 range of GPUs, DSC is an industry-wide compression standard that enables Ultra HD delivery through a high-speed single interface. This new innovation cuts down the need for multiple video input cables to deliver 4K HDR content at 144Hz refresh rates.

Credit: Asus

A monitor with DSC only needs to connect to any 4K HDR output with a single compatible DisplayPort 1.4 DSC cable. Currently, two DisplayPort connections are required to ensure there are no compromises for a rich visual delivery.

Details on pricing, specs, and availability have not been revealed, but don’t expect this monitor to be cheap.

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