Super Mario Maker 2 is notorious for hosting some of the most fiendishly difficult player-made levels in all of video gaming, many of which can take hours and hours of trial and error for the average player to get through.

Which just makes Awesome Games Done Quick’s (AGDQ) SMM2 Blind Relay Race even more impressive as Team Pway My Wevel (Barbarian, AurateurPangaeaPanga, and grandpoobear) took on Team Ok Boom Boom (Carl SaganThabeast721, juzcook, and ryukahr) in eight ridiculously hard and completely new, unseen levels.

Each team received one point for finishing a course first. The team with the most points after seven rounds got a 20-second headstart on the final level.

If you want to try out any of the courses for yourself, here are the course ID codes:

  • [AGDQ] All Goombrats Do Quarrel: 2K1-D0J-9QF
  • [AGDQ] Spooky Ghost Hot Tub: DDS-QDG-1DG
  • [AGDQ] Catch and Carry: B3J-SVM-3WF
  • [AGDQ] Parallel Worlds (2-player co-op): S0H-BS9-NFF
  • [AGDQ] A Welt in the Crucible: LFY-39K-NNG
  • [AGDQ] Smelly Shell Hotel: 8DC-9PJ-FKC
  • [AGDQ] Gerudo Valley: 4DS-Y8V-70G
  • [AGDQ] plAnts: J07-P2V-Q5G

In the first course named All Goombrats Do Quarrel, PangeaPanga breezed past the starting checkpoint on his first try.

The second level, Spooky Ghost Hot Tub, was all about the right timing, as players were trapped between two stacks of Boos, all while moving forward towards the exit pipe. This demonstrated the players’ pixel-perfect accuracy.

The third course called, Catch and Carry, saw players race to the top of the obstacle course as fast as possible.

The Parallel Worlds course required two players each from two teams, with cooperation and teamwork heavily demanded to win. Pway My Wevel got to the axe first, just seconds before the timer ran out.

The SMM2 speedrun managed to raise an incredible US$200,000 in just an hour.

You can watch the full run here:

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