Activision has announced the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2020 Tournament. The online-only contest is jointly-organized by Activision and Sony Mobile.

Gamers keen on joining this event need to be ranked as a veteran or higher in Multiplayer Mode. Those that qualify will be competing for a share of the US$1 million prize pool.

Online qualifiers will run from April 30 until May 24 with every weekend in that period offering players the opportunity to collect tournament points through 10 Ranked Matches. Players who rank higher will receive for points for each individual win.

Once players reach 80 points on any weekend, they will qualify for Stage 2. All competitors will also get a chance to win in-game rewards. There will a bonus gift for players when they sign-up for Stage 1 too.

Activision made it very clear that all competitors will not be allowed to use external peripherals to play in this tournament. This includes Bluetooth and wired controllers, keyboards, and mice. Anyone caught using them or running the game on desktop emulators will be disqualified from the event and all future COD: Mobile contests.

The next stage will require all qualified gamers to form teams. No other details have been revealed yet for Stage 2.

More details about the competition are available on the COD: Mobile Wolrd Championship 2020 Tournament page or on COD: Mobile Twitter.

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