Brazil’s own Corinthians won the Free Fire World Series 2019 over the weekend. The home team impressed their fans at the packed Barra Olympic Park in Rio de Janerio.

Corinthian’s team consists of:

  • Genildo “Japa” Silva
  • Carlos “FIXA” Cesar
  • Douglas “PIRES” Pires
  • Samuel “Levelup007” Lima
  • Bruno “Nobru” Goes

Free Fire’s World Series 2019 tournament featured 12 teams who battled through eight rounds of intense battle-royale action.

Corinthians cemented their first-place finish by overtaking Sbornaya CHR during the last round of the tournament with a “Booyah!” win.

Here’s how the teams ranked after all rounds were played:

  1. Corinthians (2,300 points)
  2. Sbornaya CHR (2,190 points)
  3. Illuminate (2,020 points)
  4. LGDS (1,695 points)
  5. Infinity Esports Mobile (1,580 points)
  6. Team Flash (1,455 points)
  7. Artic Gaming (1,200 points)
  8. Dranix Esports (805 points)
  9. Loud (790 points)
  10. Infinity_YT (765 points)
  11. Nawabzade (630 points)
  12. Samurai Team (490 points)

Corinthians won a total of US$200,000 for their first-place finish at the World Series 2019, while Sbornaya CHR earned US$80,000 as the tournament’s runner-up. Illuminate took the third-place spot and pocketed US40,000.

Corinthians’ Bruno “Nobru” Goes was awarded the MVP title after the finals and received an additional US$22,000 to go with the team’s first-place earnings.

You can watch the entire event here:

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